Chairperson-Preside at all general and extraordinary meetings, appoint committees where authorized to do so by the Executive or membership, ensure that PAC activities are aimed at achieving the objectives and purposes of the organization, ensure that the PAC is represented in school and school district activities, prepare an agenda for each PAC meeting, consult PAC members regularly, be the official spokesperson for the organization, be a signing officer if requested by the Executive.
Alison Carretero

Vice-Chairperson-Assume the responsibilities of the Chairperson in the Chairperson’s absence or upon request of the Chairperson, assist the Chairperson in the performance of his/her duties, accept extra duties as required, be a signing officer if requested by the Executive.
Alison Hoogland

Secretary – Record the minutes of all membership, general and executive meetings, issue and receive correspondence on behalf of the organization, be a signing officer.
Joanne Buxton

Treasurer-Be responsible for and report on the accounts of the PAC, be one of three signing authorities of the Executive as per the “Finances” section of these bylaws, submit an annual financial statement to the Annual General Meeeting, receive all funds for the PAC.
Jessica Johnson

VCPAC Rep-Attend the VCPAC meetings, report to the Membership on VCPAC meetings, seek input from the PAC when requested by VCPAC, take forward to VCPAC issues or positions of the PAC when requested.  VCPAC website:  vcpac.ca.
Audrey Smith

Members at Large (four positions)-Serve in a capacity as requested by the Executive, accept duties as required.

PAC Website
Joanne Buxton

School Planning Council
Joanne Buxton, and Camilla Birtwistle

Alison Carretero

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